House Bindwood


Realm: The Reach
Liege: House Tyrel
Head of the House: Lady Githa Bindwood


Rank Ability Modifier
34 Defense
34 Influence
37 Lands
17 Law -5
36 Population +3
33 Power
48 Wealth

Defense Holdings

Small Castle (30) [ Ivalace-Castle ]

Influence Holdings

1st Son (20) [ Gilbert Bindwood ]
1st Daughter (10) [ Olenna Bindwood ]

Land Holdings

Land+River(Coast)Hamlet (18) Ivy-Harbor
Plains+Dense Woods (10)

Power Holdings

Trained Archers(6)
Trained Garrison(5)
Elite Personal Guard(9)
Trained Cavalry/Crusaders(12)

Wealth Holdings

Port(10) [Ivy-Harbor]
Smith(10) [Jarneth]
Maester(10) [Maester Gale]
Sept(10) Bauzeit 19 Monate

Retainers, Servants & Household Knights

Name Position
Maester Gale Maester
Jarneth Master-Smith
Malek “The Maimed” Dunn Chamberlain
" Allison " Page of Gilbert Bindwood
Sandplant Jester
Ser Aleon Flowers Household Knight and Master-at-Arms
Hamund Master-of-the-Hunt


Gilbert Bindwood
Olenna Bindwood


Founded during the Andal Invasion
A time of Peace
Fought on the side of the Targaryens
On the decline under Roberts Rule

Blue eyes are common in the Bindwood Family
Having a huge moustache is thought to be fashionable for the man of the Bindwoods

House Bindwood

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