A rogue-like half-braavosi



0 Experience Points, 0 Glory


Rank Ability Specialities
3 Agility Acrobatics 1B
2 Animal Handling
3 Athletics Swim 1B
4 Awareness
3 Cunning
3 Deception Disguise 2B
3 Endurance
4 Fighting Fencing 2B
3 Healing
3 Knowledge
3 Marksmanship
3 Persuation
1 Status
3 Stealth Sneak 1B, Blend In 1B
3 Survival
3 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will
2 Language (Common Tongue)
1 Language (Braavosi)

Qualities & Destiny Points

Braavosi Fighter I
Water Dancer I
Face in the Crowd

Flaw (Shy)

Destiny Points: 5

Combat Ratings

  • Speed : 4 Yards (Sprint 16)
  • Health : 9
  • Combat Defense : 10 (14 with Small Sword and Left-Hand Dagger [without attacking with the dagger])
  • Armor Rating : 1
  • Armor Penalty : 0
  • Bulk : 0


  • Weapon : Fist
  • Test Dice : 4D
  • Damage & Qualities : 1Damage, Grab, Off-Hand+1
  • Weapon : Small Sword
  • Test Dice : 4D+1B
  • *Damage & Qualities: * 2 Damage, Fast
  • Weapon : Left-Hand Dagger
  • Test Dice : 4D
  • *Damage & Qualities: * 2 Damage, Defensive +2, Off-hand +1
  • Weapon : Dagger
  • Test Dice : 4D
  • *Damage & Qualities: * 1 Damage, Defensive +1, Off-hand +1

Intrigue Ratings

  • Composure : 9
  • Intrigue Defense : 8


Small Sword
Left-Hand Dagger
Waterskin x2
Common Cloth+Boots
Courtier’s Garb (75ss)
Pouch x3
Traveler’s Garb x2
31 Silver Stags and 181 Copper Pieces


Goals: Love/Security
Motivation: Stability/Love
Virtues: Devoted
Vices: Ambitious

Her Father was a braavosi sellsword her Mother a common farmer woman of Westeros.
Her Mother died when she was very young.
She traveled the Lands with her father and learned the basics of the Water Dance from him and has trained it ever since.
Her Father died a few years ago.
She had to steal to survive, and even sold her fathers Braavosi Blade to pay for food.
When she came near Ivalace Castle she saw a boy,drowning in the river and saved him.
He turned out to be the Heir of the Bindwoods, the local nobles.
He arranged for her to be his cup bearer, disguised as a boy named “Ellison”.
She is happy to have finally found a home and has secretly fallen in love with the Heir of the Bindwoods, but did not muster the courage to tell him yet.
Although she knows that it is hopeless, since she is of low birth, she still dreams of marrying him one day and becoming “Lady Bindwood”.


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